Specific developments

Are you a SME looking for a company that can develop a specific tool for you ?

Ubicentrex supports you to drive specific developments 

No matter the size of your structure, we will find together the way to carry out your specific projects. Indeed, we are developing smartphone and web-based applications for you.

You have great plans but you do not have enough internal resources to develop them ?

We can help you to customize your software

Our knowledge of web development and IP telephony are key cards for your specific developments.  Whether you need a new billing application, a tool to handle your calls or a booking center, there is no limit to development.


Does your company need an easily managed telephony solution ?

A simple and convenient telephony

Telephony is what we specialize in. We make a point of being responsive to your needs and to deploy resources and tools needed, whether you are a SME or an hotel complex.  

A tailor-made development

After having draft a detailled specification, we have built a solution that is perfectly in keeping with your needs and budget. We can adapt our solution to the changes of your work environment at any time.   

A dedicated commercial

Our experts are with you throughout the development of your solution. An intermediary will be personally assigned to you to ensure a quality follow-through.

Our expertise is at your service

We set up an optimized and efficient solution that is in keeping with your needs. All our servers are in France in order to respond quickly in case of emergency and ensure their safety.  

A multi-media software

We offer you an unmistakable software wich is suitable for universal use, that is to say it works on as many multi-media supports as possible.