Visualize and maximize your productivity with the statistical feature


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Statistical feature


Features of statistical tracking feature and productivity monitoring





statistical features
All the actions performed on our software are saved.  You have the opportunity to track it, visualize and monitor your center productivity in the form of summary statistics.

  • Exported data. Posted data is yours and you can export it in a csv format.
  • All chart types : number of calls per day, by advisor, by client, average waiting time, etc.
  • Increase your productivity thanks to reports about the efficiency of the individual advisor.                                                                                                                                            




The detailed productivity advisor by advisor is available on the dashoard. Nothing can escape you !

  • Visualize you progression. Month after month, you follow the evolution of productivity of each employee.
  • Look it over from top to bottom. The dashboard allows you to view a countless data: incoming or lost calls, average waiting time, average duration of a call, percentage of lost calls, etc.