Features of the shared calendar

Ubicentrex agenda

Shared calendar


Several features have been added on our agenda in order to provide convenience for demanding professionals. Thanks to Ubicentrex, you can use several calendars in one single interface. In addition, we ensure a permanent access to data. Indeed, your data is stored on our own servers and the agenda can be consulted and upgraded in real time.

With a few clicks, you can set up access to the agenda and available features. For example, Dr.Perrin has identifiers allowing access to his agenda, so have his colleague Dr. Clavière  and the Secretary who works in the same office.




Agenda Ubicentrex instructions
Thanks to instructions, your customers can easily contact you.

  • An embedded Editor to put in words the instructions and highlight relevant informations.
  • iframe or HTML integration to integrate the access plan of Google Maps of Dr.Perrin for instance.
  • Popup instruction which appears at the opening of the file. When Dr.Perrin's call is answered, his instructions appear, so that you don't miss any information.
  • Thematically organized instructions . For example, you have the opportunity to make an instruction for prices, another for information on laboratories, or another about frequent responses, etc.

Standard planning table.

Planning type
Thanks to standard planning table, you can build the week of your client. In this way, you view the capacity load for work centers in the standard planning table.

  • A custom schedule. Standard planning table allow to build the average week for your customers, according to their work habits.
  • Juggling between weeks. Ubicentrex allows you to create up to ten standard planning table and switch easily between them. It is also worth noticing that you can create a planning for weeks A and another for weeks B.
  • Management of slots. Slots are the colored bars that appear on the side of the agenda and which indicate what type of availability the doctor has. Slots are customizable, you can set a default duration, instruction, and even modify  the color.

Integration of third party software

Planning type
Ubicentrex enables you to integrate directly softwares from other publishers into our software.

  • Our agenda is displayded in priority. If your customers wish to keep using another software than Ubicentrex, you can integrate their planning table and it will appear on the opening of their file.
  • Ubicentrex telephony. The software is designed in such a way that you can use Ubicentrex telephony and a third agenda at the same time. To do so,  you can handle telephony in the left column and planning tables appear in the large area on the right.
  • Full transparency for the user. If your customer is used to work with another software, they will not have to swap it for our agenda. Indeed, they will keep using their software in a transparent way, without ever connecting on Ubicentrex.

Online booking system

appointment by Internet-management features
Ubicentrex has developed an online booking system : Ubiclic. It is aimed to ease patient's lives and to give them the opportunity to make an appointment online.

  • A 24-hour availability. Thanks to Ubiclic, patients can access the agenda of their practitioner without leaving home. Then, this agenda is updated instantly.
  • An appointment in a few clicks. With Ubiclic, patients can book and confirm an appointment in less than a minute.
  • An extra revenue stream. For call centres that chose us, Ubiclic is included in the license without extra cost. So, Ubiclic is free for you while appointments are invoiced on your patient's bill.


Scripts: Automatic call connection

features scripts
Thanks to scripts, you can collect your customer's informations by guiding your agents with a prepared response form. It allows you to take a phone call and to create a set of question which have to be asked by the customer service.

  • A prepared response form. The scripts are a sequence of steps that appears according to the requests of the caller. You have to build the script only once and it will be proccessed at each call.
  • Customer customization. You can create as many scripts as you want, with as many steps as needed. Thus, you can customize a script for each customer if you want to.
  • A time-saving solution. Scripts allow the narrators to not forget any important point and respect a pre-selected dialogue. In doing so, you increase your company productivity by saving the time of your agents.

Smart waiting list

features waiting list
The waiting list of Ubicentrex leads to an intelligent appointment management.

  • A few clicks to put on hold. If a caller wishes, you can click on an icon to put them on hold. Then you can tick boxes corresponding to their availabilities per day and per hour.
  • Intelligent management. The software recognises automatically if a slot becomes available on the pre-filled availabilities. Then it will send an SMS or an e-mail to the contact in order to warn them that a date has been booked  and that they have to call the hotline to confirm.
  • Simplified management. Thanks to this system, there is no risk for you to forget an appointment. Indeed, the appelant himself calls back to confirm his appointment following the relauch of the software.


Mobile app

Thanks to the Ubicentrex application, carry your agenda with you wherever you go ! The application allows you to view your schedule, to manage your appointments at any time, access your e-mail and contacts.

It is also a supervision tool which allows you to manage remotely your call center.

The upside ? The application also works in offline mode: don't let a network failure ruin your life!

download on the App Store On Google Play


Our calendar is synchronisable with Google Calendar and CalDAV protocols (Thunderbird, Outlook, iCal, etc.). This two-way synchronization enables you to make an appointment on the Ubicentrex agenda, which will be automatically copied to the synchronized agenda, and vice versa. In this way, your clients use only the agenda that they prefer, which ensure a full transparency between you and them.

Reminders and confirmations of appointments

Appointment reminders
Ubicentrex allows you to set up reminders and appointments confirmation for each of your customers, but also to ship it automatically by e-mail and/or SMS.

  • Plan the date and time of appointment reminders in advance.
  • Alert message for customers when an appointment is deleted or modified.
  • Browsing history of all messages sent from Ubicentrex via the stat tool.


Integrated voicemail

The Ubicentrex messaging is related to the agenda and to contacts of the doctor. Thus, it is easy to reach a patient via the messaging.

  • Mail, SMS or fax. If your customer does not use integrated messaging of Ubicentrex, you can easily contact them by other means. Their answer will then arrive into their Ubicentrex file.
  • Traceability: all messages sent and received on Ubicentrex are registered, which allows you to easily naviguates between your messages.
  • Acknowledgements of receipt. A tooltip indicates in the interface whether or not the sent SMS or mail has been received.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging
It is possible to dialogue quickly without changing the browser window thanks to the instant messaging.

  • Inter-colleague communication. Colleagues can interact in real time with their counterparts from the same centre, even if they are in other premises.
  • Reach customers or our technical support. You can also send a more informal message to your customers or directly reach the technical support of Ubicentrex for any question.

Multi-channel communication

Messaging features multi-channel
  • Take the message from a caller. With a few clicks, you can record a message for your customer. In addition, you can easily add contacts details of the caller in the box provided for messages.
  • Sending attachments. If the doctor asks to, you can attache his planning table or the history of his calls in your messages. In this way, he can immediately see the information he is looking for.
  • Thematic message and input help. The software allows you to create message templates, that is to say you can prepare in advance texts with missing words and fill out empty fields.

Integrated billing tool

Automated billing

Ubicentrex is a time-saving software, which includes in all licenses a billing module for free.

  • Automatic billing : Consumed items are automatically invoiced. To do so, you only have to indicate your rates once and then bills are automatically generated at the end of the month.
  • Personalized subscriptions, packages and rates : The billing tool is complete and suitable for your requirements, no matter your billing method.
  • SDD. At the end of the month, invoices are generated and you can confirm it in one click. Another click will be enough to generate a file of SDD you can send to your bank.
  • Reminder management. In case of unpaid bills, a tab is dedicated to the reinvigoration of your customers who are late in paying their Bill.

Apply your own rates, take control

Ubicentrex billing module is all you need to manage billing and cash from your centre.

  • Default price: this browser window allows you to set your rates that will apply automatically to all your customers. For instance, you can choose to apply promotional rates only for a few month.
  • Rates by company: If you have negotiated special and individual rates with one of your customers, you will easily apply it.
  • Cash management. The ability to manage your cash directly from the interface is one of the most appreciated features.

Statistical feature and productivity monitoring


statistical features
All the actions performed on Ubicentrex are saved.  You have the opportunity to visualize your center productivity in the form of summary statistics.

  • Exported data. Posted data is yours and you can export it in a csv format.
  • All chart types : number of calls per day, by advisor, by client, average waiting time, etc.
  • Increase your productivity thanks to reports about the efficiency of the individual advisor.                                                                                                                                            



The detailed productivity advisor by advisor is available on the dashoard. Nothing can escape you !

  • Visualize you progression. Month after month, you follow the evolution of productivity of each operator.
  • Look it over from top to bottom. The dashboard allows you to view a countless data: incoming or lost calls, average waiting time, average duration of a call, percentage of lost calls, etc.