Improve customer follow-up and internal communication


Features of the messaging


Integrated voicemail


The Ubicentrex messaging is related to the agenda and to contacts of the doctor. Thus, it is easy to reach a patient via the messaging available on our software.

  • Mail, SMS or fax. If your customer does not use integrated messaging of Ubicentrex, you can easily contact them by other means. Their answer will then arrive into their Ubicentrex file.
  • Traceability: all messages sent and received on Ubicentrex are registered, which allows you to easily naviguates between your messages.
  • Acknowledgements of receipt. A tooltip indicates in the interface whether or not the sent SMS or mail has been received.

Instant messaging


Instant MessagingIt is possible to dialogue quickly without changing the browser window thanks to the instant messaging.

  • Inter-colleague communication. Colleagues can interact in real time with their counterparts from the same centre, even if they are in other premises.
  • Reach customers or our technical support. You can also send a more informal message to your customers or directly reach the technical support of Ubicentrex for any question.

Multi-channel communication

Messaging features multi-channel


  • Take the message from a caller. With a few clicks, you can record a message for your customer. In addition, you can easily add contacts details of the caller in the box provided for messages.
  • Sending attachments. If the doctor asks to, you can attache his planning table or the history of his calls in your messages. In this way, he can immediately see the information he is looking for.
  • Thematic message and input help. The software allows you to create message templates, that is to say you can prepare in advance texts with missing words and fill out empty fields.