We are convinced that a strong and secured network is the key of effectiveness.  That is why we can install a suitable network for your company.


Economic and flexible. ADSL is the most classic connection among individuals in France. An ADSL connection allows you to have an home-based activity and a safe data storage.


High throughput guaranteed . The SDSL is a symmetrical and secured connection recommended for telephony through voice over IP. Indeed, it optimizes quality and speed of data transmission.  An SDSL connection is also highly targeted at businesses, unlike an ADSL one.
Guarantee of restoration time. The SDSL is designed for the medium and large professional structures that cannot afford internet outages. Thus, thanks to the SDSL, we ensure you a restoration of the connection after 4 h (48 h with ADSL).

The fiber

Power and quality. Fiber enables transmission over long distances at an higher data rate than wire cables. Benefit from an high-speed connection without any cuts !  If you are eligible for the fiber, we can outfit you. If you are eager to break into international markets, long-distance communications granted by the optical fiber are a real asset for you.

A strong network is the guarantee of a quality service for your customers. 

Remote monitoring of network

Should you decide to trust us for the installation of your network, we supply you with a router. This will help us to remotely oversee the network and to act in case of need. We ensure you to be properly equipped for your business without extra cost.

Our expertise

Over the last few years, we have installed several permanences and controlled remotely the quality of their network. We are able to install several links (an ADSL and an SDSL, for example) and automatically switch the flow on the one that is the most efficient thanks to a router. So, you are well-equipped against any failure.