Online appointment booking

Over the years, online appointment booking growth have been gaining momentum relative to conventional appointment booking. That is why, Ubiclic has been created by Ubicentrex to give to customers the opportunity to make directly an appointment on-line. Nevertheless, Ubiclic is not only well-adapted to the medical field but also suitable for any profession.

A professional agenda

Since 2009, we have developed an agenda to be used by self-employed professionals. Thanks to Ubiclic, you can create standard planning tables with instructions, reccuring appointments and set appointment reminders by SMS for clients.  

An appointment in a click

Well-thought out and intuitive, Ubiclic makes easier online appointment booking. With a few clicks, customers can access to the calendar of any professional and then choose the appointment period which suits them the most. The appointment is then confirmed by mail. At any time, customers can access to their account to view or delete an appointment on the shared agenda.

An interconnected network

Ubicentrex has developed interconnected tools. Therefore, it is possible to access to a shared agenda and an unified messaging through the same interface. The software enables clients to book appointments at any time and facilitates communication with their practitioner.

Ubiclic features
An agenda available 24 hours a day on 1463515516_check
Access to shared agendas 1463515516_check
View and modify online appointments  1463515516_check
Customizable SMS and e-mail reminders 1463515516_check
Provide access to certain types of appointment only 1463515516_check

The SMS reminder allowed me to halve canceled appointments .
Nicolas PerrinDoctor

In three clicks, I was able to book an appointment at my dentist overnight. I am very pleased with the service!
SophieCollege student



Now, I won’t lose more time to call for an appointment. I can do it directly from the computer.

I really enjoyed being able to cancel an appointment made last week by phone call. Very convenient !
ManonCommunity Manager