Small and medium businesses

Telephony for SME

In order to serve the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, Ubicentrex offers all its service of telephony for SMEs at affordable prices to equip offices and Secretaries.


A professional telephony

Are you eager to equip your business with an high-performance solution ? Thanks to the VoIp telephony provided by Ubicentrex, you can be equipped with USB headsets or physical phones. Take fully advantage of the power of the solution dedicated to telephone hotlines ! In this way, you can benefit from unlimited and free internal calls.  

The listening and recording of calls are allowed by Ubicentrex, as well as customized answering machine. 


Home-based secretary

In addition to telephony, a secretary can use many features like call transfer, the messaging tool, call records and predictive dialer. Obviously, the organization chart allows an overview of the different services of the company. As a result, you will benefit from an optimal supervision of your activity and on-going communications. 

Ubicentrex features  
Highest quality telephony
telephony for SME
Free internal calls
telephony for SME
Interactive voice response system
telephony for SME
Recording of calls
telephony for SME