Mutual insurance companies and medical centers

The partner of mutual insurance companies

Strong links between Ubicentrex and the medical field were created while the project was grewing. Thanks to its experience and reputation, the company was able to create a tool thought up for large medical structures and mutual insurance companies. 

 "La mutualité française" recommends Ubicentrex

Mutualité française mutual logo
The National Network of Centres of health mutual led by La Mutualité française has placed Ubicentrex in its list of recommended partners. This accreditation highlights the seriousness of Ubicentrex and its large-scale deployment. 


MGEN, a partnership built to last

MGEN mutual logo
MGEN decided to trust Ubicentrex and to install our software within its structure. Thus, each MGEN praticitioner has been grouped by city and has benefited from the online booking system. On Ubiclic, MGEN centers have one page per city, on which they can select a specialty among a dozen of proposals and then find an healthcare professional. With a few clicks, patients can check availabilities and book an appointment for free. 
MGEN can also manage dozens of practitioners. Moreover, it is possible to manage schedules of all the professionals registred at the same time thanks to the multi-agendas visibility. In addition, the flowchart gives an overview of the organization by service and specialty in order to quickly identify a contact person and reach them. 


A suitable tool

Appointment by Internet

In order to simplify access to healthcare professionals for patients, Ubicentrex has developed a dedicated website for online booking. Ubiclic helps patients to find professionals who meet their needs, whether they are self-employed or in a medical center with others pratitioners.  Besides, patients can also access to their schedule so they can book an appointment in a few clicks. In other words, Ubiclic provides a simple and uncluttered interface which makes appointment booking more accessible for patient. 


Health data hosting (HDS) - Data security

Mutual insurance companies and medical centers process with valuable data that must be stored taking a series of security measures into account. That's why Ubicentrex has decided to invest in data hosting  on servers certified by the State as health data hosting

Telephony multi-site

Mutual insurance companies can be equiped with VoIP telephony in order to enjoy computer telephony integration (CTI) as well as internal telephony. In this way, massive appeal management can be set up thanks to the optimization of incoming calls. From now on, it is also possible to create overflows and transfers of calls between several health centre without additional costs. In this way, the productivity of your employees is inscreased. Ubicentrex can also put you in touch with its custumers, medical hotlines, in order to delegate the call load also without additional costs.