Global companies

A telephony designed for multi-site companies

You have the opportunity to be equiped with an high-quality system by means of an optimized VoIP telephony. Thus, it is worth noticing that multi-site solution is the most comprehensive solution for globalized call centers and telephone ansewering businesses on the market. Thanks to our cloud integrated telephony system, you can answer call from any country, at any time you want. Simply plug your USB headphones to your computer and you are all set ! Ubicentrex telephony allows the listening and recording of calls, personalized greeting and answering machine messages.  

Less trouble, more time for your employees

Forget about geographical distances ! Ubicentrex can provide you with any international and geographical number you want, at a very low cost ! Within 3 minutes, you can create your own DID numbers and customize it the way you want it. Global companies with offices spread on different continents can benefit from our unified telephony system. Free internal calls, fast phone transfer, quick inbound call management, global supervision : gain time and efficiency for your company. 

Thus, you have more time for your employees, while increasing their productivity ! For instance, your secretary can use call forwarding and the messaging tool. 

Ubicentrex features  
HD telephony
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Free internal calls
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Interactive voice response system
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Recording of calls
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