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Equip your call center with Ubicentrex !


A professional telephony

Are you eager to be equipped with an high-performance solution ? By means of the VoIp telephony provided by Ubicentrex, you can be supplied with USB headsets or physical phones. Take fully advantage of the power of the solution dedicated to telephone answering businesses ! In this way, you can benefit from unlimited and free internal calls

The listening and recording of calls are allowed by Ubicentrex, as well as customized answering machine.  

Multi-site telephony

Ubicentrex can furnish you with any international and geographical ndumber you want, at a very low cost ! Within 3 minutes, you can create your own DID number and customize it the way you want it. Global companies with offices spread on different continents can benefit from our unified telephony system. Free internal calls, fast phone transfer, global supervision : gain time and efficency for your company.


A crystal clear sound

Ubicentrex phones are the best on the market in terms of sound quality and ergonomy : VoIP and wireless communication. In addition, thanks to VoIP, calls are crystal clear, which is in keeping with all requirements of professional telephony. It enables ahigh listening and recording quality.


Ubicentrex features  
Highest quality telephony
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Free internal calls
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Interactive voice response system
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Recording of calls
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