Are you overloaded with work ?

A solution for inbound and outbound call centers


Are you facing difficulties in dealing with large volumes of phone calls from customers ? Having a software to handle inbound and outbound interactions is indispensable. Indeed, you can quickly be overtaken by customers seeking for answers to questions, an appointment or any customer service issues.


We do realize that an efficient professional customer service is directly involved in the quality and in the image of your company. That is why we have developed Ubicentrex, a professional software, which provides a centralized platform to manage calls.


The strength of Ubicentrex lies in its wide offer for its customers. Visionary and flexible, Ubicentrex has been specifically thought out to respond needs of your customers in terms of interactions and call management. Indeed, Ubicentrex is suitable for doctors, call centers, mutual insurances companies, SMEs, or even business centers. Our software contains all features of call center manager you need, and in this way, it helps you to deliver a professional and high-quality customer service.


The advantage of Ubicentrex : the Customer Service department.  Whether you are looking for answers, whould like to solve a problem or should need any additional information, we are always at your disposal to provide you any required support. We will get you the personnalized help you need.


Not only do we constantly adapt our offering to the varied requirements of each profession, but we are also open to all suggestions to improve our software and to fit your needs. In other words, we can build you a totally personnalized tool.


Thus, Ubicentrex is a very complete solution and an huge time saver.